Enviromental problems

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  • Publicado : 23 de enero de 2012
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The main environmental problems for you
How take care of the environmental?
Problems you may have becoming eco-friendly

Throughout history, the ecosystems of the world have beensignificantly altered by human development.  From Animal Extinction in Europe to the Industrial Revolution, major historical trends have affected the environment forever.

Major events in historycontinue to affect the environment many years after they happened.  The creation of Earth Day, the Chernobyl Accident, the Dust Bowl, and many other historical incidents remain relevant today. You canalso explore them with our interactive Timeline.
A variety of environmental problems now affect our entire world.  As globalization continues and the earth's natural processes transform local problemsinto international issues, few societies are being left untouched by major environmental problems.
Some of the largest problems now affecting the world are Acid Rain, Air Pollution, Global Warming,Hazardous Waste, Ozone Depletion, Smog, Water Pollution, Overpopulation, and Rain Forest Destruction.
Every environmental problem has causes, numerous effects, and most importantly, asolution.  There are separate pages discussing each of these topics for every major environmental problem covered in this section.
Acid rain
The term acid rain refers to what scientists call acid deposition. It is caused by airborne acidic pollutants and has highly destructive results.
Acid rain, one of the most important environmental problems of all, cannot be seen.  The invisible gases that causeacid rain usually come from automobiles or coal-burning power plants.
Acid rain moves easily, affecting locations far beyond those that let out the pollution.  As a result, this global pollution issuecauses great debates between countries that fight over polluting each other's environments
For years, science studied the true causes of acid rain.  Some scientists concluded that human production...