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The maximum extension for the development of each of the objective in one page
If you modify or redefine an objective, the changes must be justified in another page for this purpose. The explanation for this redefined objective must be oriented to achieve a better comprehension of the problem.
The development of each objective must consider at leat three learning resources.Only two of them can be taken from internet.
The veracity and confiability of the used learning resources will be evaluated.
The searching, selection, organization and elaboration of the information will be evaluated, taking into account the presented problem.
To list different kinds of ECAS in a school.The antofagaste british school through the area formal wish:To promote,encourage and stimulate interest of our students for the practice of the various school activities as an effective means to develop a healthy lifestyle.Develop and reinforce all the values and qualities of character implicit in these activities.Contribute to integrated and comprehensive development, emphasizing the physical, emotional and social.The formal area is divided into four areas: artistic,scientific, social and Sports.The academies are :Ballet, keyboard, chamber group, choir, guitar (intermediate and advanced), papier mache, musical talents, english dramaTheater, chess, computing, explore club, scout, holy childhood, female and male volleyball, famela and male basquetball,Male and female soccer, rugby, fencing, cultural heritage, junios and senior dance, junior pewee, hockey,violin, athleticsThe overall objective is to develop support mechanisms in which to propose strategies that promote the organization of leisure of our students, strengthening the comprehensive development of capabilities to achieve. Being an effective response to the challenges in our society.The objectives of the follow-up of free choice in education should be understood as contributions from thearea, they have to make to the achievement of objectives.These will aim to help develop in students a range of skills and abilities.1 .- Participate in games and other activities, establishing constructive and balanced relationships.2 .- To evaluate different behaviors that occur in the practice of operating both in the physical to the social sporting and cultural artistic level.3 .- Solve problemsthat require young people develop a range of skills and abilities related to processes that involve exploration, investigation, inquiry and problem resolution4 .- To know and value the ECAS activities so that our young people can learn to interact in their environment, organizing the most of your free time. |
1. |
2. Missboniche’s guides in lectura clases |
3- |
To determine the most important aspect of full day school.The Full School Day is to give more time is for more and better learning, improve teaching effectiveness of teachers and strengthen the overall development of students.The premise of extending the school day, supported by several studies, is that the longer school students,teachers and principals create conditions for improving student learning.This method extends the work day school students in primary and secondary education from a day's work in half-day school excursion to a full-time, without altering the standard 40 week teaching year. Establishments in FDS extend their working week of 30 or 33 to 38 hours if they are basic and 33, 36 or 38 to 42 hours if they areof middle school. It is estimated that the FDS, on average, increases by 24% of school time in primary education and 18% in the Media.The school day is: An educational project as part of the educational project of each establishment, expressed the school time management as an important factor in implementing the new curriculum (curricula) and improve learning and school life.This project is...
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