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Bead chet Cro

Easy-Does-lt Series

Bead crochet
hello alice from
Crochetingwith beads fun.You cän is makea beautiful assortment ofprojects with a hookandstruDgbeads{nce you learn a fewbasictri€ks.The first row canbe a bit tricky.But onceyou've gotten you'llbethrilledwith started, howeasy bead crochet is. In thisbooklet, we've included a widevariety ofproje€ts usemany thatstitches. canmakegreatiewelry You fast with wireandb€aded chainstitch. Whenyou getthehangofbeadcrochet rope,try makingaproject with smaller seed beads pendant-style or p.essed glass beads a delicate a dramatic for or effect.Ifyousliptwo beads stitch, p€r ratherthan one,you'llgetan unusual sta€ked look.Or useavarietyofbead sizes exciting for spiraling texture. You'I also learn al-overbead crochetandspaced bead crochet two purses. for Thenhave crocheting doll and tun a embelishing with personal it symbols. With all these stitching techniques, theskls the limit for yourfuturebead crochet work.I'vealways wanted try to bead-crocheted doilies. lace what are yoursecret crochet dreams?


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4 Easy crochet bracelet J creative crochet bead 6Fastand fabutous 8 Braided croclret 10 l,aaelpurse 12 Sealel trantbag 14 Fitigree bracetets 16 Beaded doll rorem
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chain: Figurera: Makea loopin the thread, crossiDgthe endoverthe ball tail.Put thehookthrough loop, the yarnoverthehook,anddrawit through thefirstloop.Figu.erb: Yarnoverthe hookanddrawthrough loop.Repeat the forthedesired numberofchainstitchesbead ciain stitch: Figüre2: Slidea pre-strung bead against base the ofthe loop on thehook.Worka €hainstitch. Thebead between chains. is the single crochet: Figüre3a:Insertthe hookthrough front andbackofrhe the nextstitch. Yarnoveranddrawthrough (2loopson thehook).Figur€3b:Yarn overanddrawthrough bothloops(l

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bead single crochet: Figur€s andb: 4a Before startinga single cfochet, slidea bead against base the ofthe loop on rh€ normally. beads be The will on theside facingaway from you. slipstitch: Figure5: Enterrhenextstitch asfor singlecrochet. Yarnover, and d.awthroughthestitchandthe loop.

Thes€ designs areloryourpeßonaluse. not They are intended forresale. The material thisbo0klet pß.r'iansly in has appearcd ntEead&Eutt1nMaga:l,ne.

doüble crochetFigur€6a: Yärnover. Insertthehookthroughthesecond

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beadofthe first row and th€ first bead ofthe secondrow in the samedir€€tion. Th€ n€w beadsitson top ofthe old bead and the holesarehorizontal.Figur€ 19: Stringthe secondbeadof row 2 and go ofrow 1. throughthenext-tolastbead Continuethrough the new beadof row 2. Repeat stepfor the €ntire row this

stitch from the hook, yarn over, and drawthroughthestitch(3loopson th€ hook).Figue 6b:Yarnoveranddraw through2 loopson thehook (2 loops on thehook).Figure6c:Yam overand 2loopson dnw throughthe remaining thehook(l looprenains).

12: a wrapped loopsrFigDre Leaving placethe ofa tip l-in. (2.5cm)tail, pliersagainst where the chainnose b€adwill be. Bendthe tail to form a rightangle. pliers, grasp Figüre13:With roundnose thetailjust pastthe bendandpul itoverthejaw to pointthe otherway. Figure14:Loosen pliersgrip the half-double crochet: Figüie7a:Yarn enough rotate to themso theemptyjaw ov€r. Insert th€ hook through the first is above partialloopandcontinue th€ or se€ond stitch ftom the hook, )am pullingthetail aroundthebottomjaw over,anddrawthroushthestitch(3 to until it's perpendicular th€wir€. loopson thehook).Fipre 7b:Yarn et€., Figurels:...
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