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Windows Phone
in C#
Rob Miles

Introduction 3
Welcome 3
What you need to have before you start 3
1 Windows Phone 7 4
1.1 The Windows Phone hardware 4
1.2 The Windows Phone ecosystem 10
1.3 Windows Phone program execution 11
1.4 Windows Phone application development 14
What we have learned 15
2 Introduction to Silverlight 17
2.1 Program design withSilverlight 17
2.2 Understanding XAML 26
2.3 Creating an application with Silverlight 29
What we have learned 35
3 Introduction to Visual Studio 2010 36
3.1 Projects and Solutions 36
3.2 Debugging Programs 50
What we have learned 56
4 User Interface Design with Silverlight 57
4.1 Improving the user experience 57
4.2 Data manipulation and display 70
4.3 Pages and Navigation 78What we have learned 83
5 Consuming Data Services 85
5.1 Connecting to a data service 85
5.2 Using LINQ to read structured data 88
5.3 Using Network Services 96
What we have learned 102
6 XNA Overview 103
6.1 XNA in context 103
6.2 Making an XNA program 104
6.3 Using the accelerometer in games 115
6.4 Adding sound to a game 119
6.5 Playing Sound in a Silverlight Program 122
6.6Managing screen dimensions and orientation 124
What we have learned 125
7 Creating Windows Phone Applications 127
7.1 The Windows Phone icons and Splash Screens 127
7.2 Persisting data in isolated storage 129
7.3 Persisting application state 134
7.4 Launchers and Choosers 140
What we have learned 143
8 Windows Phone Marketplace 145
8.1 How the Marketplace works 145
8.2Marketplace membership 146
8.3 Deploying and testing to hardware 146
8.4 The Submission and approval process 149
What we have learned 149
Program Ideas 150

* Introduction
* Welcome
These notes are an introduction to Windows Phone development for anyone learning to program. They assume some knowledge of programming fundamentals, but they will teach you programming concepts in the frameworkof Windows Phone development.
These notes do not teach programming from first principles. I am going to assume that you already know how to write and run simple C# programs on a Windows PC.
* What you need to have before you start
All the development tools that you need can be downloaded for free from here:http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=04704acf-a63a-4f97-952c-8b51b34b00ce
If you have your own Windows Phone device you can use this to run programs if you become a registered Windows Phone developer. This is free for students, and also lets you sell programs that you have written in the Windows Phone Marketplace. However, to get started writing programs you don’t need to have a physical device, you can use the emulator that is supplied with thedevelopment tools.
Windows Phone 7
In this chapter you are going to find out about the Windows Phone platform as a device for running programs. You will learn the key features of the platform itself, how programs are written and also how you can sell your programs via the Windows Marketplace.
The Windows Phone hardware
In this section we are going to take a look at the actual hardware that makes up aWindows Phone. This is particularly important as we need to put the abilities of the phone into context and identify the effect of the physical limitations imposed by platform that it uses.
A Windows Phone as a computer
Pretty much everything these days is a computer. Mobile phones are no exception. When you get to the level of the Windows Phone device it is reasonable to think of it as acomputer that can make telephone calls rather than a phone that can run programs.
The Windows Phone device has many properties in common with a “proper” computer. It has a powerful processor, local storage, fast 3D graphics and plenty of memory. It also has its own operating system which looks after the device and controls the programs that run on it. If you have used a PC you are used to the Windows...
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