Daily production line

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  • Publicado : 22 de febrero de 2011
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ITESM- Campus Querétaro
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Ing. Rafael Santa AnaManufacturing Strategies
Individual HW #6
February, 16th, 2011

Soft Drink Bottling

The method PDCA – plan, do, check, act- is very important in the daily work, becausealways things cannot happen like they were planned. Daily production is programmed by hour and shift; there is the importance of making a record to know the results we are having.Some of the aspects we have to review are the following:
* Record of daily production
* Allocation of cell production
* Establish goal and compare daily/ hourly
* Takttime must be always the goal

About the record, we have to take into account that this will help us to make improvements to the next period. It is very important because it is arapid metric to know how we are going. The points to be considered are:
* Record of production
* Re registration of rework and daily scrap
* Registration of mudasHere is an example of a daily production registration; this is a about a soft drink bottling. We have three operators who are in charge of different parts. Each one is submit toregistration of all the status of products made by shift. Then, we can calculate the total result, analyzing where is the problem and then, we can make a deeply analysis to find out theroot cause.

As we know, data will help us to know the magnitude of the daily problems, and more important, it will help us to know how to prevent it for the short time. We needto use this kind of tools to improve our daily work; it is very important to know how to attack the problems; but the only way to do it is through collecting data with real facts.
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