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Webpage maker Manual
1. What is Webpage Maker?

2. General structure 3. List of elements 4. Inserting elements 4.1 Image 4.2 Text 4.3 Buttons 4.4 Information 4.5 Contact 4.6 Description 5. Eliminating elements 6. Property panel 6.1 Image Properties 6.2 Text Properties 6.3 Button Properties 6.4 Information Properties 6.5 Contact Properties 6.6 Description Properties 6.7 General Properties 7.Page design 7.1 Selecting elements 7.2 Moving elements 7.3 Adjusting page size
8. Managing templates 8.1 Loading template 8.2 Saving template 8.3 Deleting template

9. General options 9.1 Preview 9.2 Accept 9.3 Cancel

1. What is Webpage Maker?
The program Webpage Maker is a part of Hosting by 3D Vista that allows users to create WebPages for their virtual tours without needing any technicalknowledge of programming. With just a few clicks you can create a professional site with images, texts and advanced functions, as well as get the statistics on page views. And by using web editor, your page will get better rankings in Google and other search engines. The user interface of Webpage Maker has been designed so that the elements can be placed on screen by dragging and dropping. Oncefinalized, Webpage Maker will change this design into a real webpage that would take hours if you would have to program it. If you want to use the same design for your pages, you can save time by saving the template and using them for all of your pages. Webpage Maker works in synchrony with VistaZoo, so that the data used in the portal is directly exported to tour as information (description, price,address, etc.) To access Webpage Maker you need to host the tour first in 3DVista Hosting, either via SHOW 3 or Publisher 4, or using any of the online services of 3DVista such as VistaZoo or VistaTour. Once the tour is hosted, we can access the “Webpage Maker” aplication from the Hosting menu (in SHOW 3 or Publisher 4) or from the user control panel (VistaZoo and VistaTour) Next we will explainwhat Webpage Maker offers and how to create your page in a few minutes.

2. General structure
Webpage Maker consists of the following elements: • • • • List of page elements where the contents can be inserted/deleted and their sequence on the page can be changed. Property panel of the elements. Canvas where page design will be visualized. General options of the program (Accept, Cancel,Preview)

Graphically we will find this design:

3. List of elements
Basically, the list of elements allows managing the contents that will appear on the finalized page. These elements can be the following: • • • • • • Pictures Text Buttons Tour Information Contact Tour Description

Besides the elements shown in the Content window, there are two other elements that always appear in the list andcannot be deleted: • • “General” panel that defines page characteristics. It is always the first element of the list. “Viewer” of the virtual tour is always the last element of the list.

The order in the Content list is important because it allows establishing the elements which will be shown in the background or as the first one compared to the others. Meaning that the first element of the listwill be placed in the most backward position and the last element will be shown in the first position above other elements. To change the order of the elements there are two possibilities: The first consists of the following steps: • • Choose the element by clicking on it in the list of elements. Use the following moving buttons:

Allows moving the element to the beginning of the list, to theposition that comes immediately after the “General”. It will be enabled only if the element is not already in that position. Allows moving the element to the position above its current one. It will be enabled only if the element is not situated right after the “General” at the beginning of the list. Allows moving the element to the position below its current one. It will be enabled only if the...
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