Davy crockett ” man of the people”

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Mater Lake Academy
American History Period 4
Maria L Fung

How does Davy Crockett represent the average American? How do his interactions with Andrew Jackson illustrate that AndrewJackson is a "man of the people"?

In the movie Davy Crockett is a Hero. On the first episode Davy Crockett kills a bear with only a knife which is giving us an example that he is brave. The movie isconstantly showing his determination for what he believed in even on the worst scenarios in his life. We can see that he is a man with little education and royalty to benefit his goals. He works hardto become successful and well known throughout America. He showed people that if you work hard any goals can be accomplished no matter what circumstances. David Crockett is not just a folk hero thatwas great with weapons, he stands for Americans being able to do whatever they want if they simply work and take advantage of opportunities given to them. Davy Crockett is a Family man. He alwayscared about his family. He also stood up for people in his area. For all of this Davy Crockett was considered an Average American man.

Davy decides to take the job of State Legislature. Jackson tellsDavy that next to him Davy is the most famous person in Tennessee and Jackson knew that David Crockett was a Man of People. Andrew Jackson asks Davy if he wants to run for US congressman.
On thecampaign trail, Crockett joined the locals in a barbecue. Davy squirrel hunted, and danced, and showed that he was a man of the people, which he certainly was. Pretending ignorance of the law and formalpolitics in his speeches. Davy Crockett appeared in the Congress dressed in his buckskin outfit complete with raccoon halt Because he didn’t care what the other people thought about him. The Audienceloved his sense of humor in the Congress. Crockett was the perfect choice to represent frontier settlers. Until then, government had been ruled by eastern elites and wealthy southern planters, who...
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