Day of the dead in mexico

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  • Publicado : 18 de noviembre de 2010
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Day of the Dead in Mexico. Through the Eyes of the Soul, Michoacán
According to the belief of the ancient Mexican civilization, when the individual dies, hisspirit continues to live in Mictlan, place of residence of the souls that have left the earthly life. Benevolent gods created this site, dark, quiet and pleasant, wheresouls rest peacefully until the day appointed to return to their former homes to visit their relatives.
Although the Day of the Dead celebration varies from regionto region, almost all follow the same pattern of events. There are two-day celebration, the first of November, which in some regions is for honor the memory of thedead children, while the November 2 is for honor the adults deceased.
Two weeks before, there is a joyful atmosphere in the markets. The cempasúchitl yellow flowersand bunches of others flowers are acquired. On the eve of the celebration, friends and relatives, put agree to prepare the altar and decorating the house towelcome the souls of the deceased. The meal preparation begins.
November 1 - The Vigil of the Little Angels. The souls of children return to their families to enjoy theircompany and be feed. In some regions of Mexico, children take the role of leaders in the morning vigil, honoring their dead brothers.
November 2 - Adult Vigil. Onthis day, the souls of deceased adults return to their families to spend time with them, enjoying the company, as well as food with the smell of the offerings thattheir relatives and friends have prepared.
Sometimes prayers are said during the day and overnight in the wake performing at cemetery and accompanied by music.
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