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  • Publicado : 15 de diciembre de 2009
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Derivatives of Ubuntu

Ubuntu is designed to be a solid foundation for creating further derivatives. In the case of the official derivatives, all thepackages used are from the main Ubuntu repositories, so a user from any variant can seamlessly install packages from any other, and even convert completely to adifferent variant.


Kubuntu is a user friendly operating system based on KDE, the K Desktop Environment. Kubuntu and Ubuntu are not meant to be seenas distinct projects; Kubuntu is part of the Ubuntu project, and they are both part of one development team that contributes to the whole. Kubuntu is Ubuntuwith a different default set-up, the Ubuntu CD contains only GNOME as a desktop environment; the Kubuntu CD contains only KDE, this is the primary difference.Edubuntu

Edubuntu is Ubuntu customised for classroom use. Educators can set up a computer lab, or establish an on-line learning environment, in an hour orso -- then administer that environment without having to become a fully-fledged Linux expert. The principal design goals of Edubuntu are centralized managementof configuration, users, and processes together with facilities for working collaboratively in a classroom setting. Equally important is the gathering togetherof some of the best available free software and digital materials for education.


Xubuntu is a light-weight operating system intended to runsmoothly even on older, less powerful, hardware. It is built on the Ubuntu core, but uses the slim Xfce desktop environment and GTK+ applications wherever possible.
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