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The main idea is the most important thing the paragraph says about the topic.

Without, the night was cold and wet, but in the small parlor of Laburnum Villa the blinds were drawn and the fireburned brightly. Father and son were at chess; the former, who possessed ideas about the game involving radical changes, putting his king into such sharp and unnecessary perils that it even provokedcomment from the white-haired old lady knitting placidly by the fire.
The main idea of this paragraph is that father and son are playing chess. There also says what the father does but that is a secondaryidea.

Describing or giving more information about something

But her husband was on his hands and knees groping wildly on the floor in search of the paw. If he could only find it beforethe thing outside got in. A perfect fusillade of knocks reverberated through the house, and he heard the scraping of a chair as his wife put it down in yhe passage against the door. He heard thecreacking of the bolt as it came slowly back, and at the same moment, he found the found the monkey´s paw and frantically breathed his third and last wish.Bits of information from the text that, when combined with your own knowledge, help you to know the meaning of a word you don´t know.

“There he is,” said Herbert White, as the gate banged loudlyand heavy footsteps came toward the door.
The meaning of banged y sounded. I make this conclusion because it says that the gate banged and if we change it with the door sounded, it matches with thewhole sentence.

Cause is the action and the consequence is the result of that action. Every action you do has a consequence.

The parts of the word are divided in two: the root thatis the part that never change and the affixes that are added to change the meaning of the word. The affixes are divided in two: the prefixes that go before and the affixes that go after.

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