Definitions and phonetics

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“Definitions” and “phonetics”

Elision : it´s when a sound is not uttered
Table, Britain , june , knight , mart.

Rhythm : it´s the way L2 goes and it is usually used in a different waythat is
Different states (N.Y. , L.A)

Stress: we divide stress in 2 different categories:
Wordstress, sentence stress.

Wordstress : the strongest part of the word
Eg.january,march,September, july,shoemaker,goldsmith,usa,patrol.

Sentence stress: the strongest word of the eg.
I wanta a cup of tea
Iwant a cup of tea


/i:/ a smiling sound, smily lighty make and holdthe sound, demostrate that it is a long sound

/i/ make the sound, and make it obviouly short

/u/ a short sound, exagerate the torward position of your lips, one way in to this sound is to askpeople what noise a gorila makes

/u:/ make the sound as if you have learn something sorpised or some interesting gossip demostrate that is a long sound

/e/ make the sound and pointed out alosely spread position of your lipo

/ ∂ / the Friday afternoon sound, relax your body, put your shoulders back relax your face and mouth and just make the sound as if you were compleately desaster/э:/ something terribe sourd make and hall the sound curl your lip and pretent you look something upper nasty, look, in the trash can, demostrate that is a long sound

/):/ the ord sound demostratethat it is the or sound


/æ/ make the sound, and pointed out the neutraly opend shape of your lips

/Λ/ make the sound, and trow your head back slycly as you do it, this Workswell, if contrasted with “/æ /”

/a:/ the holding the baby sound, imaging you are holding the babe and say ahtah…, demostrate that it is a long sound

/ρ/ make the sound and point out your likelyrounded lips


/ i∂/ make the sound while having a sit

/ u∂ / how the firts sound and move to the second

/e∂ / point to your hair say over their on the chair

/ei/pretent not...
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