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The strategic deployment of resources to achieve goals is called organizing. The challenge before the organizations is to design structure and systems that facilitateorganizing by grouping individuals and efficiently intertwine employees with means of communication. Departmentalization is an approach to achieve the same. The paper discusses the subtle aspects oforganization structure, their different types and advantages and disadvantages of each type.

In any organized activity are propose a division of labor and coordination of the tasks to reach the final goal.This lead us to distribute, assign and coordinate tasks and responsibilities into the organization.

According with the reading, the departmentalization is a practical way of divide the work intoseparate functions, which carries a number of advantages that contribute to the success of management, as there is greater specialization and knowledge of workers in the area where they operate. Itrefers to the group of activities into a department. In fact, The division of an organization into sections. Departmentalization is usually based on operating function, and organizations will commonlyhave departments for example, finance, personnel, or marketing. Such organizational structure is typical of a bureaucracy. It may be used in centralization, when a particular activity is undertaken byone department in one location on behalf of the whole organization, but may equally be a feature of a decentralized organization, in which departments are used as individual operating unitsresponsible for their own management.

After reviewing the plans, usually the first step in the organizing process is departmentalization. Once jobs have been classified through work specialization, theyare grouped so those common tasks can be coordinated. Departmentalization is the basis on which work or individuals are grouped into manageable units. There are five traditional methods for grouping...
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