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PRESENT TENSE: what you do regularly, or what is permanent

Ex: I study English three times a week. She has two children.

Answer the following questions:

1.How often Does John go swimming?

_jhon go swimming 2 times at week____________________________.

2. Do you give presents to your parents on Christmas?

I give presents to my parentsevery christmas__________________________________.

3. Is there a park near your house?

There are 3 parks near to my house_______________________________________.

4. When does shebring her lunch?

He bring her launch 3 2 times a week _________________________________________.

PRESENT CONTINUOUS: What you are doing now.

Ex: I am doing my English homework.Change the following sentences according to the example:

Example: He reads reports every day.
He is reading a report now.

1. I watch the news every night.
Im watching the newsnow_________________________________________.

2. Does he sing opera?
He has to singning opera?_____________________________________.

3. Luis works with his laptop all the time._luis is working with his laptop now________________________________________.

4. Do they dance Flamenco once a week?
Are they dancing flamenco_________________________________________.

5. He plays the guitar very well.
He is playing the guitar very well_________________________________________.

C. Read the following:

I rest at my farm on weekends. I oftengo with friends, but sometimes I go alone. I have a beautiful garden, with different kinds of flowers. There are many birds, two dogs and one cat.

When I am alone, I read books and magazines.Sometimes I study too, but I don’t work. I work in Medellín!

Write 3 questions and answers about this reading.

1. ________________________________________________________?...
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