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  • Publicado : 22 de mayo de 2011
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Major Technology Trends
Christian Chimbo Student, JOSEF Institute

Society and Population Technological Technology & Information


Factors guide Technology Foresight in terms ofdevelopment in society and market pull-issues.

Economics and Globalization Ecology, Environment, Energy, Resources Politics and Security

These factors will definitely affect any innovation andtechnology transfer planning process. They should be consider in any Future Oriented longterm study.

S - Society and Population
Relevant Technological Trends to our region in this aspect:
•Studies ofinfectious deseases. •Development of generic medicines. •Preventive medicine t reduce i f t mortality. P ti di i to d infant t lit •Technological communication systems in order to get help of expertdoctors during surgeries.

Specific Examples: Simplified Hidroponics in Ecuador, New
Medicine Plant for Generic Medicines in Ecuador

T – Technological, Technology and Information
RelevantTechnological Trends to our region in this aspect:
•R&D activity •Automation technology •Biotechnology Bi t h l •Information and communications technology •Mobility Mobility •Green technology production•Privacy and identity • ‘Smart’ Technologies – Smart wireless sensors, smart materials and connectivity • Public transport options to facilitate movement not being started t t d • Changing nature oflogistics internet shopping • Commitment to spend on public infrastructure • Online communities - ‘a small world world’ so will ‘place’ be less place important?

•Specific Examples:
Digital TV, Smart TV,Tablets, Smart Advertising

E – Economics and Globalization
Relevant Technological Trends to our region in this aspect:

•Exchange rates •Inflation rate •Economic base - key employment sectorsin the future. •Government intervention in markets. •Corporate merger and acquisition activity . • O relations with other economies Our l ti ith th i • Increase in regulation

• Economic...