Devils triangle

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  • Publicado : 7 de enero de 2010
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Devils triangle

Thousands of aircraft and ships missing, is it really the devils triangle?

The world is filled with mysteries some have been solved others remain a mystery, just like theBermuda triangle it is one of the worlds greatest mysteries. The Bermuda triangle is an imaginary triangle located from Miami, Florida, San Juan, Puerto Rico and the Bermudas. The Bermuda triangle roughlytakes up about 500,000 square miles in the Atlantic Ocean. And once you go into the triangle you disappear. There’s a saying that goes “once you go into its murky waters you’ll vanish forever”. Therehave been thousands of ships and aircraft missing and yet thousands of theory’s.#
Some say that the Bermuda Triangle is a portal to other planets. Others believe that theBermuda Triangle is home to the lost city of Atlantis. Famous psychic Edgar Cayce said that “Atlantis had many modern-day technologies, including a death ray weapon, which he claims ultimately destroyedthe city “ but one that I believe in the most is the theory saying that there is a kind of magnetic field there, and that’s the reason for the gadgets’ and compasses, etc doesn’t work due to amagnetic field there. We may never know until someone brave enough will go to the Bermuda triangle and find out there self.

Famous disappearances
Flight 19 is the most famous aircraft to go missing inthe Bermuda triangle. It consist of a squad of 5 us navy torpedo bombers, they where flying a routine training mission off Florida on December 5, 1945. Flight 19’s disappearance was key in thedevelopment of the mystery’s of the Bermuda triangle. One famous ship disappearance was witchcraft a classic of mystery. She was unsinkable and only at the harbor entrance. Yet she vanished within 19 minutesbetween her call to the Coast Guard and their arrival on scene 1967.

Personal experiences

Bruce gernon was one of the lucky ones he flew over the Bermuda triangle and it now is...
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