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Quality function deployment (QFD) is a “method to transform user demands into design quality, to deploy the functions forming quality, and to deploy methods for achieving the design quality intosubsystems and component parts, and ultimately to specific elements of the manufacturing process.” [1], as described by Dr. Yoji Akao, who originally developed QFD in Japan in 1966, when the authorcombined his work in quality assurance and quality control points with function deployment used in value engineering.
QFD is designed to help planners focus on characteristics of a new or existing productor service from the viewpoints of market segments, company, or technology-development needs. The technique yields graphs and matrices.
QFD helps transform customer needs (the voice of the customer[VOC]) into engineering characteristics (and appropriate test methods) for a product or service, prioritizing each product or service characteristic while simultaneously setting development targets forproduct or service.
Contents[hide] * 1 Areas of application * 2 Techniques and tools based on QFD * 2.1 House of Quality * 2.2 Pugh concept selection * 2.3 Modular FunctionDeployment * 3 Relationship to other techniques * 4 Notes * 5 References |
[edit] Areas of application

QFD House of Quality for Enterprise Product Development Processes
QFD is applied ina wide variety of services, consumer products, military needs (such as the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter[2]), and emerging technology products. The technique is also used to identify and documentcompetitive marketing strategies and tactics (see example QFD House of Quality for Enterprise Product Development, at right). QFD is considered a key practice of Design for Six Sigma (DFSS - as seen in thereferenced roadmap).[3] It is also implicated in the new ISO 9000:2000 standard which focuses on customer satisfaction.
Results of QFD have been applied in Japan and elsewhere into deploying the...
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