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(RYAN ONEIL): Hi, How are you? may I help you?

(ANTHONY STWART): Yes Mr. Anderson , My name is Anthony stwart. I just thinking in take a trip to some exotic place, do you have anyrecommendations?

Ryan : Oh course, Mr. Stwart, actually we have a romantic tour to the san Andres and providence islands.

Anthony: San Andres…. sound interesting, what can I find there?

Ryan : Well, a lotof things, I promise you will enjoy that trip... starting when you`ll arrive to the hotel , because they have a great greeting whit a champagne and you will find a romantic room with a big bed,chocolates , drinks and Jacuzzi....

Anthony: ok it`s perfect…..how many days has the plan..?

Ryan: that tour are 3 days…..excellent plan to a weekend escape… you can enjoy one day in a empty beachjust for you.
How many people get a trip???
Anthony: 2 people…..it’s a romantic trip.
Ryan: Could you please spell your name
Anthony: A-N-T xxxxxxxx
Ryan: and fill out your personal informationAddress, zip code, cell phone, address work, work phone number, email.
Anthony: (answer these questions)
And your partner personal information.
Anthony: hold on….i have to call my partner to takethe information. (Call Samantha Kiss)
Samantha: hello…honey….what do you want from me…
Anthony: I need some personal information about you.
Samantha: OK….but it`s so weird ….tell me
Anthony:Address, zip code. (Samantha complete the information)
Ok…thanks….see you later at the office.
Samantha: ok….see you.
RO: Where do you want to receive the tickets??
AS: in my office …please…..how manydays I have to wait for the tickets
RO: a week
AS: What is your account number to pay
RO: 80040012-9
AS: OK..i’ll make a transfer
RO: I’ll be wait your transfer to you the tickets
AS: OK…thanksfor your help
RO: Good bye Mr.

Samantha: hello….when did you come?
AS: I was in an appointment
SK: What kind of Appointment do you have?
AS: I have a great surprise for...
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