Dialogo monster in law

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Monster in Law
Recogiendo los perros
Cris: hi! where do the dogs are?
**: here they are! Take care and bring them at 9 o’clock

Campo: reading the horoscope
Cris:Piscis… romance is in the air Today don’t leave your house it’s not a good day—too late I shouldn’t have left my home—do not spend time looking for true love ‘cause it’sin front of your eyes
Es estópido corre
Cafeteria cris pide el café y ve a Aaron
Cris: Give me a capuccino –ella paga y saliendo de la cafetería choka con aaron-
Aaron:hi!—cris sonríe y tiene algo negro en el diente—
Aaron: hey, you have something on your tooth
Cris-oh thank you
Tarot Rach- Cristy- Ale
C: oh girls today I see aguy twice, once in the beach and then in the cafeteria, he was so… so cute…
R: well, what did he tell you
C: I didn’t talk to him
Ale: Are you sure he saw you?
C:yeah... I mean… I think so
Ale: ok honey we’re worried about you because you’re turning a little bit of freak
R: yeah… We think it’s from not having sex
Ale: Exactly
C:look… just because I haven’t been in a relationship in a while doesn’t mean I’m miserable… I just want a sweet guy… you know… a guy who’s strong but stills opens the door oncein a while, someone who notice these little things… you know… maybe makes a difference
Ale: may be he completes you
R: “may be you complete me” –dedo señas—oh sorryTODAS SE RIEN BULGARMENTE
C: what do we have to do?
Ale: take these shrimp balls ---cris sale y ve a aaron se devuelve—
C: oh that’s him
Ale y rach: which one?
C:Right there in the corner
Ale: you’re right he’s hot
Rach: that’s your chance go and talk to him
Cris starring at him
Bea: oh you’re amazing
Cris: yeahhhhh….
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