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May 2
Pff, and return from vacation to school, mmm ... it was not a very good day, well I think,and more as finish with cold air, good plus, in my holidays I had a great time, and morebecause I tosee the Thor movie, was very cool, well back to today, I was ok, other good news is that Professor Medel comeback, that's good for everybody, good for most, jejeje.XD
And last but not least, because Iam a little thoughtful, well have passed a series of things that I do not really have liked, but little has little iredressed, plus I'm waiting for my qualification exams for mathematicsand literature.

May 3
Hell, I have a 6 in literature, just as well pass the test, lol, plus in my exposition of biology, I have a 10 on my exposure, that is really good, also the English teacher told us thatthe newspaper was about 30 days , and release it on test day.
In English class, we leave an activity and we go outside the room to do the activity, which was great, talked well cool, lol, was thebest of this day, I think it will improve my week.
May 4
Another day, lol, this day was a meeting at six o'clock, and teachers returned to six and a half, and well everyone else was doingnothing, talking about, like me, others playingand blah blah, blah. The English teacher told us that the Diary would be for Tuesday orWednesday of next week, and he would do about 30 days.

May 5
Today is May 5, aday of celebration for us poblanos, my friends invited me to go seethe parade, but I was lazy and did not go.
I went with my mom downtown to buy some things, and I think that was all on my dayoff,well I believe.

May 6
Today I went to the school in the morning, but when we went back, pfff, to a terribleheat, I could not stand it, well back to my home, I bathe and went to school for the firstclass, we had mathematicas, after We had all the normal classes, the professor ofSocial Structure I take a point for not having taken the book, but apart from that, wesaid the next weeks there...
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