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  • Publicado : 26 de octubre de 2010
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It was a Sunday morning, there were blue skies and it was a sunny day. I woke up happy. I went directly to the bathroom and took a bath. I saw the clock it was 8:30am. Quickly, I got out of theshower, knowing that that day was going to be awesome. I was supposed to go to a house of one of my friends, we were going to watch a soccer game and also eat some pizza. I couldn’t wait to taste thatpepperoni pizza in my mouth. Suddenly it was 9:00am, I was running late, so I called my mom and told her that she needed to be ready in ten minutes. Twenty minutes later we got out of the house and wentto the valley of Cumbaya.

When we got to Pillagua our final destination, I told my mom to pick me up more or less around 6:00. I entered the house, really anxious. I saw all my friends ready towatch the soccer game, they went to say hello and then they sat again. But there was a guy I had never seen before, my friend told me he was his cousin. I went to say hello to my friends cousin, but whenI was in front of him ready to shake hands, he didn’t even see me. I got really mad and went to sit again. I asked a friend of mine, if he was friends with this cousin, he said that he was a badperson and no one wanted to talk to him. So I stood calm and didn’t even bothered him.

When the game started, the pizza came, we paid the pizza guy quickly, and ran to the TV instantaneously. Ecuadorstarted winning, the team was playing awesome. The only thing that bothered me while watching the game, was this cousin of my friend. He was drinking beer and teasing my other friends. I couldn’t standhim. Since that moment I started thinking about punching him a few times, so he can learn a lesson. But one friend of mine told me to stay calm and not even think about that guy. At the end of thegame Ecuador won. But this cousin and his friends were all completely drunk.

Every time there were acting really weird and wanted to punch my friends. They didn’t even wanted to here the house...
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