Diferencias y similitudes

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Paper 2: Same origin, different destinies.

What is the real meaning of a religion? Since the world was created, human being invented one of the most important things in our world: religion. We can speculate that without religion, people would have not known how to explain the reason of things, and we know that when the human does not understand something, he fears it. Trough history wecan see that the religion has always took an important role in humans life’s.
First, appeared the Polytheists religions, in Greeks and Romans times. Then, the first big monotheist religion: Judaism. We cannot forget that in the Ancient Egypt, a monotheist religion was created, but it did not have the importance the Judaism has. After Judaism, Islam and Christianity made their appearances. Thosewould be the three important monotheist religions, representing the 13 millions, 1200 millions and 2100 millions respectively. These three have the same origin but we can see through history that their destinies have been quite different. Let’s see what makes two of these three big religions, Judaism and Christianity, so similar and so different at the same time and why is it that we know both ofthem can live perfectly together.

The Judaism is as we said before the oldest monotheist religion and the smallest if we compare the number of practitioners it has. It’s origins are in Abraham, the first Jew, who came from Mesopotamia 4000 years ago. That is the reason why the monotheist religions are considered as Abrahamics. Judaism is not only a religion but also a culture and an ethnicgroup. The religion itself is based in the faith of an only God, Abraham’s father, who wrote the scripts, the “Torah” and in the figure of a Messiah.
The Jewish relationship with God is a convenient relationship. In exchange for many good deeds that God has done and keeps doing for the Jewish people, the followers must keep God’s laws and seek to have holiness in their day a day, with no exception.The Old Testament explains the fact that God chose the Jews to be an example to the rest of the World.
Judaism has a rich history of religious text, but the central and most important religious document is the Torah. Jewish traditional or oral law, the interpretation of the laws of the Torah, is called “halakhah.” Spiritual leaders are called Rabbis and Jews worship in Synagogues.
We cannotalso forget, that the Jewish community is the community who has been the most persecuted over history, 6 million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust in an attempt to wipe out Judaism.

Christianity, as we mentioned before, is the most popular religion in the world, with 2 billion practitioners. Christians believe that Jesus is God’s son and is the messiah that was promised in the Old Testament.Also, they believe that Jesus was sent to the world with the purpose to guide the humans to heaven and save them from the evilness of theirs sins. One of the most important things that are believed in the Christianity is the fact that Jesus Christ died on the cross (the Crucifixion) and in the third day, he came to life again (the Resurrection).
Christians believe in trinity, that is, in God asfather, in Jesus as son and in the Holy Spirit. They worship in churches and their guides are the priest and minister.
Their holy book is the Bible, which is composed by the Old and the New Testament.

Now that we now more or less what the two religions are about, we will try to analyze their differences and their points in common.
First of all, we do know that Christianity comes from theJudaism so they accepted their God and made it theirs. We also know that the both religions share one of the two Testaments, the Old Testament. Both of them are monotheist religion, they just believe in one and only God.
Now let’s move on to the differences, which, even if the two religions started off with the same holy book, are enormous. First, whereas the Judaism believes that the messiah...
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