Diogenes de sinope

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He was born in Sinope, in present-day Turkey, in 413 BC. By economic matters was exiled from his hometown. So went by Sparta, Corinth and Athens. He lived in themost absolute austerity and mercilessly criticized social institutions. His food was simple. Sleeping in the street or under some portico. Showed contempt for the social norms eating raw meat, makingtheir physiological needs, keeping sex in public, and writing for incest and cannibalism. Diogenes recognized that it was necessary to train to acquire virtue, the detachment and autarchy. He died inCorinth in 327 BC. Some claim that you suicide containing the breath; others died of a dog bites and others who died as a result of poisoning by eating raw octopus meat.


Our city islocated at the junction of Panamerican and Teofilo Borunda street, the statue of the Greek philosopher: DIOGENES DE SINOPE, who this philosopher has highlighted & is appointed by the unique type oflife that the led. To been considered a man only, since he didn't, opinions to yourself that different people did, was a man cavernicola, defended ideals, & criticizing false society.

Is a goodlocation for his statue?

In my opinion I think is a good location, but at the same time this poorly located. It is a good location because is a busy street, a main street. But is a poor distribution,since in my opinion, I didn't know who was shown in that statue, unnoticed last had for me, it has on it a large and more highlighted statue is Governor Teofilo Borunda

Why located there that statue?I think that located it at the junction to remember that you don't have to leave you lead others towards you, that sometimes it is best to follow your instincts, commentaries & that each has itsown way of being from each one.

A better location?

If you may choose a better place to put this statue I could recommend to the output of any Museum, which had as a matter of the Museum, and...
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