Disadvantages of living in the city

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Throughout this century, there have been many changes in the society including the evolution of the world as such with the advanced oftechnology, medicine and transportation, these could be found in big cities that implement and support advances. But there still many people who are living in the field having nocontact with society living in the city and there is a possibility they do not know about this new stuff in the world. Nonetheless, in my opinion, despite all the advances that can beseen in the city, living there could be very disadvantageous because of the extreme pollution causing by the smoke of the cars and the secondary effects that technology brings inhealth.

To begin with, in the cities there is a better health care, is more likely to find good jobs, because of the economy that has the great factories that are there, officesand shops. Education, cultural and entertainment vary for the immigration from people who comes from other cities. There are some disadvantages which need to be change in order tohave a healthy life within it. Pollution that it is cause for excess of traffic and noise, the accelerated life demanded by the people, environmental and visual contamination, thecontamination of the environment, new constructions destroying forestall spaces, dirt and insecurity citizen.

Secondly, stress, moodiness and fatigue appear to be uniquecharacteristics of the habitants of large cities. There have been many investigations of the impact of city life and there have been publications such as the journal Nature in which detailsthe physical effects on the human brain on this kind of life. All these factors are constantly present in our daily lives and that of others are those that mark the way of living.
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