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Industrial Design
Industrial design is the use of a combination of applied art and applied science seeking to create or modify objects or ideas to make them useful, practical and visually attractivewith the intention of satisfy the needs of human beings, adapting objects and ideas not only in form but also the roles of this, seeking to achieve an innovative product. Is a field that blendstogether art and engineering with the general goal of creating an object for production. Industrial Design differs from the field of Product Design in that industrial design focuses around objects ofindustry, is a multi-disciplinary field that involves many other aspects of design including graphic design, packaging, furniture, and many more.
The conception of the shape of objects and determinationof its attributes is an activity performed by man since the origins of the human species, but which accentuates the industrial design is in the mid-eighteenth century during the industrial revolutionand the introduction of the machine in the production process, the mechanization of work begins to replace the manual work. The creators were artists and craftsmen who were unsuccessful due tofavorable economic circumstances of the moment and the use of steam and electricity, but during that period the products are not known for quality of design, leading to questions and criticisms that werehatching on the occasion of the Great International Exhibition of 1851 in London.

There they presented the advances in technology of the time and all that the technique allowed to produce, fromlocomotives and power looms to objects of everyday life.
There is a movement called Arts and Crafts, suggested a return to craft production and the medieval mind as a valid alternative to restore thebalance between arts and crafts. The movement sought to revive the craft and design in Victorian England. It was characterized by realizing the unity of form, function and decoration, a balance that had...
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