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Nowadays, divorce closely affects fifty percent of marriages. Actually, it is a statistic that has been steadily rising over the past years. The causes of divorce vary and are personal for each couple. In other words, neither all marriages fail for the same reason, nor is there usually one reason for the end of a marriage. Nevertheless, there are some reasons more common than others such asimmaturity, sexual incompatibility, and financial burdens that contribute to the failure of a marriage.
It is common to see all the differences that start to come out.

Young and immature couples face struggles to maintain their marriage because of their false expectations of it. In addition, marriage expectations are too high to achieve or the couple is not compatible. In this case neither one iswilling to have chores and expects the other to do everything. In other words the lady or the man are not ready to sacrifice their own time, money, freedom and space to get married. Nowadays, it is common to see more and more young people tying the knot. Occasionally, they do not have any other choice, a baby is on the way and the family forces the young couple to marry to cover up theirirresponsibility. Moreover there is another fact to think about, family traditions. When parents and other relatives have gotten married too young, it is a pattern that they are following. Furthermore, there are people who never mature enough to carry such a big responsibility in marriage. An immature person is not all to blame, families are involved as well. Parents that have been over protective, havenot allowed their children to make their own decisions that will contribute to their emotional maturity. These kids continue to be immature and become lazy adults who will never want or be ready to cut the umbilical cord. For this reason, single life becomes easier and making the decision of having a drastic life-style change is difficult, therefore the downfall of the marriage begins. Frequentlylove has been misunderstood and has been mistaken with feelings like happiness, respect, sympathy, and attraction. It is when young people think they are in love and get married expecting their spouse to be the soul mate they have been looking for.

With causes of divorce, sexual incompatibility comes up, talking about lost of intimacy, not being mindful of romantic details, and beingcareless about physical appearance and personality changes. As a rule, communication must be in all relationships, knowing about the other desires is fundamental on a marriage. As well as knowing that having kids do not means that the couple is going to loose intimacy. It is important that they reschedule their activities in order to have time to spend together with out any preoccupation or disturb. Withthis in mind, it can be inferred that sex plays a fundamental roll on a marriage and it should not be taken for granted. Intimate moments are essential in a loving relationship, just as romantic details. Romantic details need to to be shown up always. Sometimes after long time of being together couples forget about the importance of little details to express to the other their love, such ascooking the favorite plate for a romantic dinner, arriving home with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and some chocolates because of an anniversary, writing a letter expressing one’s thoughts and feelings for the other person. Therefore, the importance of being love demonstratives with the other and with themselves, spouses need to take care of their personal appearance, not because they are marriedmeans they can relax and let life pass over them. As it is known personality changes within the years, but couples need to be aware of each other needs, because if not the result can be impatient and grumpy attitudes and the other has no need to be handling with that.

Moreover when financial burdens are being faced, divorce can be closer. The value of material goods depends on each person and...
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