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  • Publicado : 7 de noviembre de 2011
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Essay: ‘Divorce’

From past to present, people who fall in love decide to get married. Marriage can be a wonderful experience but this not always lasts and results in divorce.
What are thereasons why couples get divorced ? Three of the leading causes are, finantial difficulties, lack of moral foundations and lack of communication.

One of the reasons why marriage ends in divorce arefinantial difficulties.
Currently, in most of the cases a couple has to face the fact that their salaries are not sufficient to cover their basic family needs. Average incomes are generally low in relationto the cost of life so, not being able to afford the family needs make a couple to feel frustrated. This feeling of frustration due to finantial difficulties ends up impacting negatively on thecouple relationship.

Another reason is lack of moral foundations. Marriages tend to end in divorce when a couple does not share core values, beliefs, or expectations. In marriage sharing the sameinterests and passions is important. If a couple does not share the same values, beliefs, or expectations and do not have common interests or passions, what is the foundation of their marital relationship?Moreover, not only finantial difficulties and lack of moral foundations are factors that affect a couple stability, but also lack of communication among them. Many couples lack of an appropiatecommunication when it comes to decision making. Disagreements due to lack of communication often lead to arguments and less willingness to work out their problems. Perhaps, if the couple was focused ontrying to communicate better, giving themselves the opportunity to share their ideas and expectations, the stability of that couple would not be affected.

In conclusion, these are problematicsituations that may lead a couple to ends up in a divorce, instead of focusing on the way of solving this situation. We think that sometimes, it is very helpful attending marriage counseling sessions,...
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