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10.x (who knows?) Less bugs (there are much less already).

10.0.9 (26/10/2011) Bugfixes:
Fixed rare APDC bug.
Harmor: fixed absolute ramp speed+high quality bug.
Harmor: fixed bug in max height check for imported images.
Harmor: fixed bug in image sharpening.
Fixed playlist bug when accessing tracks over 99.
Fixed tiny problem inenvelope editor hint.
Patcher: fixed porta bug
FPC: fixed randomized layer selection when there's only one layer to choose from

Harmor: Mod XYZ smoothing now controls filter freq smoothing as well.
Synthmaker 2.0.5

10.0.8 (5/09/2011) Bugfixes:
Fixed bug in automation of channel arpeggiator chord selector.
Fixed rare bugin Maximus.
Fixed bug in conversion of step seq to piano roll while playing in song mode.
Fixed some possible problems with extended memory in plugins.
DirectWave: Fixed bug loading some samples from FL Mobile in player mode
DirectWave: Fixed crash loading specific .sfz files
Wrapper: Fixed disconnecting some plugin parts when deleting VST3 pluginsPatcher: Fixed bug increasing GDI object count
ReWired: Fixed problem loading plugin with "smart disable"
ZGE: Some bugfixes

Env editor: envelope loops don't need a sustain point anymore.
Smooth point modes now in all plugins.
New "Song start" marker type.
DirectWave: Import and export FL Mobile .instr files
FPC:Export FL Mobile .instr files

10.0.5 (21/06/2011) Bugfixes:
Fixed crash when trying to automate all parameters of a plugin that has no named parameter (like Patcher).
Slicex: Fixed bug in drum replacer tool.
Fixed bug in loop recording (result ending at the wrong time in the playlist).
Fixed little bug in step editing when piano roll is visible.Fixed Edison's "Acquire noise threshold" broken for 16bit samples.
DirectWave: Fixed small bug with finding missing samples
Slicex: Fixed possible case where deck B's associated file wasn't collected in zips.

Added "Recording starts playback" option for pressing record to start playing/pressing stop to stop recording.
New "Gap" knob inPR articulator tool, to ensure a gap between notes.
New "Smooth" point mode in envelope editor (plugins & FL).
Env editor: adding a point near the existing segment (with snap off) inserts that point precisely on the segment.
Env editor: panning (middle button) also displays envelope without points (freeze).
FL Mobile file import

10.0.2 (17/05/2011)Bugfixes:
Fixed minor bug in playlist clip preview.
Fixed note properties not always selected when clicking on notes.
Fixed filenames in DW presets in Patches\Packs
DirectWave: fixed freeze when sliding notes for "bounce" looped layers
Downloader: fixed bug finding installed path
Downloader: use correct user folder for refreshed lists
FPC:fixed unmuting pads in some cases
Newtone: fixed undo crash
Patcher: fixed Y knob automation for XY controller
Patcher: fixed crash when pasting control/param values
Patcher: fixed update problem when pasting value for activated param
Patcher: fixed crash when clearing
Patcher: removed Granulizer from plugin list
Patcher: read thumbnails fromplugin database in addition to plugin thumbnail list
Patcher: fixed unlink velocity behaviour
Patcher: fixed sending midi pitch to VST plugins
Patcher: fixed midi out from some plugins
Patcher: fixed freeze using Absynth 5 x64
Patcher: fixed SF Player freeze
Patcher: fixed lock request from plugin
Patcher: fixed transpose implementation...
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