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  • Publicado : 23 de agosto de 2012
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Petroleum, coal and natural gas are the most widely used sources of energy in the modern world. They are of primary importance in the industrialized countries, where vast amounts of energy areconsumed to operate all  the different kinds of machines that work for mankind today. These three anergy sources are referred to as fossil fuels.
Fossils are the traces or remains of plants or animal lifethat existed in previous ages, not just thousands, but millions and even hundred of millions of years ago. Enormous numbers of living creatures and plants died. They were covered by sand or mud, whichin time was itself covered  by waters of the seas. Pressure changed sand and mud into rock that trapped the fossils, which by then had change into oil, coal or gas. Petroleum is composed largely ofthe remains of these tiny marine plant and animals that lived so long ago.
Petroleum differs from other oils because  it comes from a mineral source rather than an animal or vegetable source. Infact, the prefix pert-in the word petroleum is derived from the Greek word for rock. When petroleum first then on the market, it was called rock oil to distinguish it from all the other kinds of oil.Since then, modern technology has become such an enormous consumer of energy that petroleum is probably the most valuable single product in the world. It is indeed often called "black gold".
El petróleo,el carbón y el gas natural son los la mayoría de los orígenes utilizados ampliamente de energía en el mundo moderno. Ellos son de importancia primaria en los países industrializar donde consumen lascantidades vastas de energía para operar todos los tipos diferentes de máquinas que trabajan para la humanidad hoy. Estos tres orígenes de anergia son anotados a tan fósiles combustibles.
Los fósilesson las pistas o restos de plantas o la vida animal que existió en edades anteriores, miles no justos pero millones y cien liso de millones de hace años. Los números enormes de criaturas vivas y...
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