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2010 Application

Personal Information

First Name: (as it appears on passport)

Middle Name: (as it appears on passport)

Last Name(s): (as it appears on passport)

Male: Female: City of Birth: Country of Birth:

Resident of: Citizen of:

Birth Date (Month / Day / Year) Age as of May 1st 2010:

Address: (to be reached at all times - CANNOT BE A POST OFFICE BOX)



State / County:

Postal Code:



Telephone: (Country Code / City Code / Number)

Mobile/Work Phone:(Country Code / City Code / Number)

When is the best time to contact you?

Emergency Contact Name: Relationship:

Emergency Contact PhoneNumber:(different to above)

Camp & Job Preference:
Camp Preference: (Check your preferred camp types) Job Preference: (Check your preferred Job type)

|Resident Camp * |Girl Scout Camp |* I will accept a Counselor Position |
|Religious Camp |Special NeedsCamp(physically/mentally | I will accept a Support Staff Position* |
| |challenged |(Support Staff will be placed at any Camp/Host Site. You MUST be a full time |
| |PLEASE COMPLETE PAGE 7 & 8 |student.)|

Support Staff Skills:

Experience: Basic Experience Basic Experience Basic Experience
Some Experience Some Experience Some Experience
Proven Work Experience Proven Work Experience Proven WorkKITCHEN MAINTENANCE OFFICE
Dish Washing Auto Driving Computer Entry
Food Preparation Boat Repair Computer Technology
Inventory Control House Painting Filing
Kitchen Aid Carpentry Typing
Professional Baker Cleaning Telephone Reception
Restaurant Cooking Electrical
Waiting Tables Laundry OTHER
LawnMowing Horse Care
Masonry Security / Night Watch
Commercial Plumbing __________________
International Road Repair __________________
Regular Car Roofing __________________
Toilet Cleaning __________________
Tractor Driving __________________
Van Driving __________________
Maintenance __________________

Describe your Five Strongest Support Staff Skills:

Five Strongest Support Staff Skills: (Be specific about your experience in each skill. Attach additional pages if necessary; please indicate your full name on attachments)

Skill 1:

Skill 2: was

Skill 3:

Skill 4:

Skill 5:

Special Needs Camp Skills:
Instructions:Special Needs Camps offer a unique opportunity for you to work with a very special population of campers. Although Camp Directors seek staff with prior experience, lack of experience does not exclude you from working at a Special Needs Camp. The Most important quality is to be willing and able to care for others.
The work is challenging but extremely rewarding!
* Check each appropriate box. Allboxes must be checked.
* Note: Most special needs camps have a combination of mentally and physically challenged campers. On average participants working at a special needs camp will spend approximately 20% of their time doing jobs listed below and 80% leading or being involved in traditional camp activities.

Experience: (Lack of experience does not exclude you from working at a Special...
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