Does colored light affect the growth rate of black beans.

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The purpose of the experiment was to find out what colored light bulb, would increase the growth rate of black bean plants; the most after twenty days of growing under a colored light bulb.
It is hypothesized that the red light bulb, will increase the growth rate of black bean plants more that; the clear, blue and green.
The following procedures were followed:
First: I gettwelve plastic cups, with a pencil I do two holes in the bottom of each cup.
Second: I put six spoons of soil each plastic cups.
Third: Divide the twelve cups into four groups.
Fourth: I put cups sit in the growth box, with the cover down until. The plants start to grow.
Fifth: Turn on the light at 7 o’ clock in the morning and turn off at 5 o’ clock night, everyday for 20 days.
Sixth: Wemeasure each plant by putting the ruler vertically at the base of the soil and measure to the highest point of the plant.
Seventh: I write the dates measure each plant, everyday at around the same time.
Eighth: I need to put one spoon of water an each plant.
Ninth: I find the average to all the groups and find out with color of light bulb works the best.


Have you ever wondered if you could grow black beans under a different light source rather than the Sun?
Like maybe a light bulb or a flash light with colored light bulb. Well I did, so I decide to do my science project on it. I found out about the wavelengths of colored and unreal light. I also learned about photosynthesis and germinationof a plants.

Colored light and wavelength:
Colored light and wavelength are an important part of my project, and the facts about them are very useful to know. The different density in the different colors causes different colored light to have different wavelengths. The colors that wavelengths are four hundred nanometers are the lighter and more dense colors like violet, indigo, and blue.Then there is the colors that are a little bright like green and yellow, those are five hundred nanometers. The colored lights that are six hundred nanometers are more bright colors like orange and red. Colors that don’t have a high wavelength have a high level of energy to grow.

The plants are able to produce their own food through a chemical process called photosynthesis.To perform photosynthesis, plants have a green pigment called chlorophyll which is responsible for absorbing light suitable for this process. In addition to plants, photosynthesis also made green algae and certain bacteria. A process that transforms the energy of sunlight into chemical energy. Basically consist in the preparation of carbon dioxide, mineral an water with the help ofsunlight. Resulting from this process in oxygen.

Germination is the process by which the seed passed from state of rest or dormancy to a state of activity.
Germination is a process that must take place at the right time and right place. Factors influencing the germination process are: temperature, oxygen, carbon dioxide and light.


Hescientist predict that the red bulb will increase the black beans growth.


Quantity Item Description
12 Plastic cup
24 Seeds black beans
4 Different color bulb( red, green, blue and clear )
1 Ruler
4 m. Electric cable
4 Plates
1 Grow box
4 Markets, pencil, paper

Procedures:1. Gather materials and carefully and poke two holes in the bottom of the 12 cups with a pencil for water drainage.
2. Use the measuring spoon, put 6 spoon of soil in each plastic cup.
3. Then place three black beans seeds in the center of each cup and fill the cup half more spoon of soil.
4. After that, sprinkle 1 spoon of water in each cup and divide the 12 cups into four groups of three....
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