Does ethics is autonomy?

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  • Publicado : 6 de noviembre de 2010
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Does ethics is autonomy?
To understand what is ethics we have to analyze what is science for the philosophy of science, Sune Nordwall, it is “ If you want to understand, if you want to come to apicture of what science is, what knowledge is, it could be a good start to try to become clear about the general content of the concept. Many activities are today characterized as "Science!",while other activities just as definitely are characterized as "Pseudoscience!", maybe without the one making the judgment always having made it clear to himself what he really means with the words heis using. Especially when you try to come closer to an understanding of what "an anthroposophically fertilized art of healing" could mean, but also "anthroposophical natural science" in general, itbecomes important to become clear about the different aspects of the concept and the problems with which it is connected.“
The science must have threeconditions to be science; the first one is to have an objective to study, then to have autonomy, and to have a method to study. The autonomy is a concept that appears in others science, like inmoral, political, and bioethical philosophy. Is the way to take your own decisions, without influence of other people. Also is the basis for determining moral responsibility for one´s actions. We haveto separate the things that we can chose, for the others that was create in a moral system for parents, teachers, or the society. The science of ethic is autonomy because it induces to the peopleto think for your own, is the will by the reason to choose the correct decisions.
We can said that if someone only act for act, their done to the nervousness or fear for be punish,but if some other decide to act with autonomy, is because their consider that was their right to chose the good and better decision.
* Dictionary “Océano”
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