Donacion de organos

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  • Publicado : 3 de noviembre de 2011
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If you don’t want to donate your organs, would you accept one to safe your life? Organ donation is very little in Mexico; just 10 states of the Mexican Republic contribute the 79.8%of the total donations from cerebral death in just a year, or 2.9 person per million of habitants, just 7 states generates 73% of kidney donations. People aren’t very informed or they think it goesagainst religion but at least in Mexico, church sees organ donation as an act of charity for a person that is about to die.

At the moment 50 thousand transplants conducted in Mexico have takenplace, obviously a number that doesn’t reach to cover the present demands, here almost all the donators are alive, just because there aren’t the necessary measures to take advantage of patients withcerebral death, or people who die for cardiac arrest.

I’m sure you’re wondering, why should I donate my organs? It's a fast and simple process that will take only a few minutes of your time actually anaverage of 17 people die each day while on the waiting list for an organ donation, organs and tissues from a single donor can be used to benefit more than 50 people on the waiting list, why not helpingpeople?, who knows if someday you’ll need someone’s organ to survive, or not you, your family, your friends, people you love. It’s an easy process that would change someone’s life. We need toincorporate organ donation in Mexican and Latin culture, YOU can make a difference, if you decide to take a step forward by giving an example, why should anybody dude about doing it?

Everybody can be anorgan donor, there are two types of donors; deathly and alive donors, the alive donor is mostly characterized by people who give organs to their relatives, or people who is compatible to them, theydonate organs who are not essential or organs that you not necessarily need to survive, it’s proved that people who donate an organ while being alive can live a completely normal life, just having...
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