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  • Publicado : 16 de mayo de 2011
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For thousands of millennium stories and myths have existed about the struggle between mankind and dragons.
But what is a dragon?
According to the Oxford English dictionary:
A dragon: drag'en, afabulous beast often shown as a gigantic fire breathing reptile with huge claws, the tail of a serpent, wings and scaly skin.
Dragons have been talked, written and sung about for as long as canbe remembered.
But did they ever exist?
Are they fact or fiction?
Did these large beautiful, majestic, mythical fire breathing beasts ever live?
Or are the stories just a legends and myth withno substance or truth?
Many people claim that dragons are based on ordinary creatures that were distorted by the fears, imaginations and psychological tendencies of groups of humans, or that theywere some type of dinosaur or archosaur. But there are many references to dragons in the bible as well as mythology and it is said that it was with the advent of Christianity and the crusades thatbrought the age of dragons to an end.
Therefore if we accept that the Bible tells us the truth about Christianity and God, then why not dragons also?
Christianity brought with it the Crusades andwith them came the knights who hunted and slaughtered the dragons bringing about their eventual downfall and extinction.
It was these very knights of honor and valor who lusted after the fame andfortune of killing a dragon for their skins and riches or often just for sport.
It is said that Dragons blood was prized for it's magical properties as legends tell that when wiped onto the skinit protect the wearer from stab wounds.
Other legends tell that if you ate their tongue you would win any argument (something I often wish I could do at home!) and eating their heart gave you thepower to understand birds, not sure why you would but...
There are said to have been as many different species of dragon vary in shape, size and colour as any of Gods other creatures around us.
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