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A boy, Freddie, is on a skate board. He receives a texto. "We smock your last spliff"

FREDDIE: Fuckers.

He joins his friends, Cook & JJ.

COOK: Fredster! This stuff is fucking rubbish, by the way.
FREDDIE: Stop stealing my fucking spliff! Morning, gents, you thieving bastards.
COOK: Come on, I got you some breakfast.
FREDDIE: They allowed to serve lager at 8 in the morning?
COOK:I had a word... JJ's got some interesting thoughts on the benefits of Carlsberg as part of a balanced dietary pattern.
JJ: Calorifically it's right up there with 392 energy units, which is nothing on the Snickers Duo I'm having which has the additional drawback of 28 grams of fat. Although I can call upon 1.2 grams of fibre, which doesn't feature in your lager. But you couldargue in some sense that hops constitute one of your five a day.
FREDDIE: That'll do me.
COOK: You not having that, Freds?

He takes the beer.

JJ: That's his fourth so far.
FREDDIE: Is that a good idea? We've college in half an hour.
JJ: You'll be carrying an attention deficit into the day.
FREDDIE: Attention deficit? Intelligence deficit!
JJ: Pig!
COOK: Well, maybe I won't go then.FREDDIE: You're going to bunk off your first day?
COOK: Freddie, mate, the sun's shining.vWe're bevvied,vspliffed and sorted. Feels like the beginning of something.vSo I'm waiting.
FREDDIE: For what?
COOK: The signal.
FREDDIE: We're starting college, Cook.
COOK: No, we're waiting. Something's gotta start us off.
JJ: You're running a randomised fate model to see if you continue in full timeeducation?
COOK: I need motivation. And it needs to be better than sitting in the sun, with you two, drinking beers and smoking your blow. Jensie! Have the same again? And sling a couple of them cherry shots on top? Cheers, darling. Yes, I can feel it! It's got potential, this day. It's pregnant.
JJ: Shouldn't someone pick up that bike before it causes an...?
A car collides a border. It's MrStonem's car, and he's verry angry.

MR STONEM: For fuck's sake! Jesus shit!Where the fuck did that...?! What the fuck?! Oh! Look at it! Look at it! Look at my fucking car! You saw that, didn't you? Did you!? Did you see it?!
OLD WOMAN: I don't know. You drove into the bollard.
MR STONEM: I did not! The fucking bike jumped out in front of me! You must have seen it, you're my witness, right? Are youblind? Why is everyone round here fucking blind?

Effy, in the car, looks at the boys.

JJ: That girl's looking at you, Freddie.
JJ: Maybe she's looking at me.
FREDDIE: She's not looking at you, JJ.
JJ: OK. Nice hair.
JJ: She's got nice hair and nice eyes. And nice breasts, probably.
FREDDIE: Shut up, JJ.
JJ: Nipples. We'll just imagine her bottom.

MRSTONEM: Where's your fucking white stick, woman?

JJ: She's absolutely lovely.

MR STONEM: You are as stupid as you look! Ah, for fuck... I want your mobile number.
OLD WOMAN: I don't have one.
MR STONEM: Your fucking email address, then! Look at the state of my fucking car! You must have seen something, you demented bint!

Cook joins Mr Stonem.  Freddie understands that he used some ketchupas some blood.

COOK: What... What happened?
MR STONEM: Is that your bike, you fucking idiot?!
COOK: I was signalling... you just kept coming...
MR STONEM: I didn't even see you! You came out of fucking nowhere!
COOK: I was trying to make you see me. You just kept coming, man!
MR STONEM: No. That's bollocks. No. Listen!
COOK: You fucked my bike. You just ran straight through me.
MRSTONEM: That is not right! You haven't got a witness. Nobody saw me knock you off your bike.
OLD WOMAN: I did. It was just like he said! You ran him over, and now he's bleeding.
COOK: Profusely. Perhaps we should call a policeman. I think it's a crime to leave the scene of a...
MR STONEM: There's no need for that. I'm sure we can sort this out. Let me buy you a new bike... Look, here. Come on,...
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