Drug and alcoholism

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Drugs and Alcohol Free Workplace *
Policy ACS is committed to maintaining a safe and productive work environment consistent with our professional and legal responsibilities to our employees and clients. The Company complies with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 and, where applicable, the Department of Defense Drug-Free Work Force regulations and all contract specific substance abuse programs.ACS prohibits the use, sale, purchase, transfer, or possession of alcohol or controlled substances, other tha n medically prescribed drugs, while on Company business. Anyone found to be under the influence of or in possession of such substances while performing duties for the company will be subject to discipline. All employees are required to comply with the disclosure obligations set forth inthe Drug-Free Workplace Policy found in the ACS Employee Guidebook. Workplace Prohibitions The following acts are strictly prohibited while on Company property or work sites, while conducting Company business (regardless of location) or while operating any Company vehicle, equipment, or private vehicle on Company business. The Company prohibits the buying, selling, transportation, possession,distribution, consumption, or use of illegal drugs, alcohol, or controlled substances not required by a physician’s prescription on Company premises while on Company business, or at any time during working hours. The Company further prohibits the consumption or use of alcohol or controlled substances not required by a physician’s prescription off Company premises or during non-working hours where suchuse might, in the Company’s judgment: • Impair the employee’s work performance; • Affect the safety and welfare of other employees on the job; or • Otherwise interfere with the Company’s interest. Use Of Prescription Drugs The use of controlled substances in accordance with a physician’s prescription will not be the basis for corrective action by the Company

unless, (as allowed by law), suchuse might, in the Company’s judgment, impair the individuals work performance or threaten safety. Off-the-Job Prohibitions Off-the-job use, possession, sale, etc. of alcohol, illegal drugs, or controlled substances may subject an employee to corrective action if such actions impact job performance, workplace safety, or Company interest. Testing ACS respects employees’ rights of privacy whilerecognizing our responsibility to provide a safe work environment for all employees and the public. Therefore, the Company reserves the right to conduct drug tests on any employee or applicant, at any time, unless prohibited by law. Pre-Employment. A prospective (post offer/pre-employment) employee may be required to submit to testing for controlled substances as a condition of employment. Prospectiveemployees will be informed of Company testing procedures and provided a copy of our testing policy in advance. As a condition of employment, an employee must sign a consent form agreeing to be tested for drugs. Current Employees. The Company may require, and an employee must submit to testing for controlled substances and alcohol whenever the company has reason to believe that the employee hasviolated the policies set forth above or for the following purposes: Impaired Performance All employees are expected to report to work in appropriate mental and physical condition. The influence of drugs and alcohol can reduce efficiency and productivity, and may create a disruptive working environment. Employees may be required to undergo immediate evaluations, under various circumstances including,but not limited to: • Investigation of possible individual employee impairment or inability to perform essential job functions; • Investigation of accidents and injuries in the workplace or incidents of workplace theft; • Maintena nce of safety for employees of the general public; • Maintenance of productivity, quality of products or services, or security of property or information; or •...
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