Early childhood case study

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Case Study #2
Early Childhood 3-6 years old
Osbaldo Rodriguez

Osbaldo Rodriguez is a six years old boy. His family make up is of a mother and his sister Jessica. Osblado has a father, he knowsthat he lives in California but he hasn’t seen him since he was 3 years old. Osbaldo lives close to many relatives and he spends a lot of time with them.
Osbaldo’s physical appearance is normal for aboy of his age, except for his height he looks short for his age, he is just 3 feet 4 inches tall. Osbaldo had a congenital problem with his right hand; his thump and index finger were join but latersurgically separated.
Osbaldo lives in a single parent home, his mother NIni, works at the Taqueria, and she works every afternoon and night, she gets home around midnight, After School Osbaldo spendmost of the time at his aunt house, where he plays, do homework and sleep, around 12:30 am his mother picks him up and drives him home to sleep. During my visits I observed the close relationshipthat Osbaldo has with his mother, he is constantly worry about her; and because he is the man of the house, he acts like that. During weekends Osbaldo spends most of the time at the Taqueria, whereloves to be.
Physical and motor.
The large muscles are developing right and fall within normal parameters for a 6 years old boy (berk’s –pag 295-296) he is a fast runner, he can rides his bicycle, andloves to plays soccer. But Osbaldo has a problem with his fine motor skills due to his condition, He has a lot of problems writing for a long period, and he has also difficulties catching a ball, tyinghis shoes, cutting with a knife.
According with his last doctor checkup, Osbaldo’s health is fair; he is prom to colds probably due by malnutrition and irregular sleep patterns.
Osbaldo is not agood eater, normally he doesn’t eat breakfast, around 11 am he eats lunch but doesn’t like most of the vegetables or fruits, he loves junk food, meat and starch food.
His teacher assure that during...
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