Economía canadiense (inglés)

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Canadian Economy:
Canada is one of the wealthiest and most developed countries in the world. Its economic system is free market where small and medium-competingcompanies run by their owners and multinational corporations. There is a degree of state intervention in health, social services, transport and telecommunications, even though thetrend in the last two fields is privatization.
Canada is a country with abundant natural resources. Canada's economic growth has been based largely on the export of agriculturalproducts, grain, and the exploitation and export of forest and mining resources. The development of Canadian industry since the Second World War made Canada one of the top tenindustrial powers in the world. It has also happened with the service sector. The momentum of the secondary sector has been based largely on the large endowment of natural resources(including energy cost) that have provided "inputs" a large number of processors. In addition to natural factors have influenced its proximity to the large U.S. market ofAmerica, the abundant and skilled labor due to the level of education and immigration, ease of access of capital, foreign investment played a key role in economic development.
It isfrom the seventies when the Canadian industry began to pay increasing attention to the investigation, which resulted in technology companies in the fields of aeronautics,communications and biotechnology.
There is a concentration of industry along the border of the United States of America, and especially in the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Albertaand British Columbia.

Exports & Imports:
Exports: Imports:
* Gas - Cars
* Oil - Oil
* Cars - Computers
* Wood products - Medicine