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  • Publicado : 9 de abril de 2010
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Elizabeth I

The movie shows us one of the greatest ruler in the history of England: Queen Elizabeth I also called the virgin queen because shenever got married. She was daughter of Henry VIII from his second wife Anne Boleyn who was executed three years after Elizabeth was born.
Herhalf-sister Mary Stuart wanted to be the queen because she was bigger than Elizabeth and thought that the kingdom belonged to her. Elizabeth hadproblems with Spain, because she did not put the Catholic Church as the only church and because she allowed pirates to assault Spanish boats which camefrom the “new world”. Mary Stuart took advantage of this issue between Philip II of Spain and Elizabeth and together they conspired againstElizabeth and tried to kill her but they did not success. For that Elizabeth sentenced Mary Stuart to death.
The queen had a strong relationship with SirWalter Raleigh, she was like falling in love with him, but then she realized that he was about to have a child with Elizabeth Throckmorton who wasone of her ladies. Walter and Elizabeth got married without the queen’s permission, which Elizabeth could not do because she served the royalhouse. Queen Elizabeth was very angry about it so he sent Walter to jail.
After that Spain declares the war to England. At first they thought Englandwould lose but in the end England won with a lot of intelligence.
After war Elizabeth released Sir Walter and forgave him and Elizabeth.

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