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Teacher’s name: Whilber Eli Cisneros Orozco Main aim: To increase the knowledge of the past tense in learners and give them a wider perspective of the topic.Stage | Timing | Activity | Stage Aim (s) | Procedure | Interaction |
1 | 10 min. | -warm up | - To get the students attention in the classroom. | -Greet the studentsand ask the students about how they are going and what they have done.-Ss will mention a verb they know. | T-SsT-Ss |
2 | 15 min. | -Presentation | -To introducethe topic along with time expressions and make the students remember and learn new verbs through Pictionary with verbs. | T will divide the group into four teams. Everyteam will choose a member and this person will be given a card which has a verb that the member of the team needs to describe to his team by mimics until they guessthe word.-Teacher will show the students how to form” wh” questions with the auxiliary “did”-Teacher asks for doubts. | Ss-SsT |
3 | 15 min. | -Practice | - Tomake the students practice-To make the Ss practice their Writing Skill. | - T will give some worksheets to the students with some exercises about the topic. Ss willhave to answer it.-T checks the answers with the students and clarifies doubts.-Ss will solve an exercise on the book.- Students will write 3 sentences using thementioned structure which is ” wh” questions with the auxiliary “did” and read it aloud. | Ss-SsT-SsSs |
4 | 10 min. | -Production | -Make the Ss to practice what theyhave learned. | -T asks the students to work in pairs and ask their partner 3 ” wh” questions with the auxiliary “did” and let him answer and vice versa. | Ss-SS |
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