El aborto

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  • Publicado : 9 de mayo de 2010
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Abortion is a very controversial topic; I know many people choose to write about this topic because there are many arguments against and many in favor. Personally I’ve always thought that abortion is a free decision and that people only judge this kind of hot topics because they didn’t have anything more important to do and because it has to do with religious beliefs but, I never thought howother women could feel and I never tried to be in their shoes because I was a teenager and I only thought that it could never happen to me until I turned 17 and was in that position. On November 26 2005 at 1:00 am I was in the hospital having my baby girl, I was 17 and was so scared that couldn’t believe I was a teenage single mother of a newborn. It is obvious that I didn’t choose abortion. I haveto admit that at my age it was the first thing that pass through my mind but I was very scared to do the wrong thing, not only for my baby but also for my health. I believe this is due to the fact that I was born and raised in Mexico and in my country abortion is illegal and in school they teach us the risks of abortion because over there if abortion is done it is done illegally and inconditions that are not healthy for anyone, taking this considerations I was very scared to die or to have an infection due to abortion. I reflected on these facts and I made the decision to tell my mother I was pregnant and that I didn’t want to terminate my pregnancy, fortunately my mom was a very important support during my pregnancy and still is with the raising of my 3 year old child. Now I am a 20year old, my major is child development and I want to research in that polemic topic that in some point relates to me in many ways, I’m still in favor on abortion and think that it is a very though decision to make and we are no one to judge other women who do it I believe that this is a free nation and that’s why abortion is legal here in the U.S and shouldn’t be criticized. For my research Iwant to investigate the different arguments society have to criticize abortion, the risks of abortion, and the different procedures there are for abortion.

What is society’s opinion about abortion?
Abortion is a very hot topic, many people argue that abortion is killing someone, others think that it is only a decision and that will not harm anyone. There have been also propositions againstabortion and these are very controversial among citizens, according to the article “Teenagers and abortion” by Charles S. Clark, “Polls indicating strong public support for such laws have supplied new ammunition to anti-abortion activists.” This creates a very strong feeling towards abortion and these feelings could influence women in the decision of having an abortion in a safe place or having itneglecting their right to a safe abortion. “Critics say that while parental involvement laws may be well-intentioned, they sometimes force young women to resort to illegal abortions or expose them to abuse from hostile family members.” (Clark). In my case I only had to ask my mom what she thought about abortion to know that my family is not concerned about any of the arguments people have tocriticize abortion, she told me that it is a personal decision and that only being in the shoes of a woman who couldn’t handle a pregnancy she would understand how hard it is to make that decision. Arguments for and against abortion will always exist because it is a matter of society’s view, the only thing that I am glad of is that abortion in the U.S. is legal and that is a step up to democracy andfreedom of choice.

What are the risks of abortion?
Like any other medical procedure there are always risks, abortion is a very intrusive procedure because physicians are removing something away from the females body and this makes it a little disturbing but, what could happen if something goes wrong with the procedure? According to the web page Plannedparenthood.org “The risks increase...
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