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  • Publicado : 12 de mayo de 2011
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➢ How do you choose the right time to shut down a plant or process for maintenance, construction or other work?

➢ What is the bestinterval for combinations of tasks that share access, transport or other ‘per occasion’ costs?

➢ Which jobs should be done together in the first place?

➢ How could you investigate alternative workschedules, working practices, seasonal effects or risk exposures?

We offer a comprehensive, unique and fully quantified analysis of optimal shutdown and work schedule strategies. This includesrisk-based evaluation of all possible intervals, alignments and scheduling efficiencies. A product of the European collaborative MACRO project, APT-SCHEDULE provides sophisticated and extremely rapid“what if?” analysis of different task combinations, the compromises introduced by scheduling them together, and the cost or downtime advantages of such groupings. Combined with other MACRO Best Practiceguidelines, this now offers a total programme optimisation, based on asset whole life costs, reliability, performance, legal, environmental and safety compliance, and the ‘intangibles’ ofpublic/customer image, employee morale etc.

When applied to a critical electricity transmission circuit, for example, this analysis yielded 28% improvement in system availability at the same time as a 22%reduction in total costs. These figures are compared to the best achieved by professional work schedulers.

Used to evaluate alternative shutdown cycles for a process plant, it revealed over £4million/year net improvement. By evaluating the cost/risk impact of longer run lengths, it also identified the bottlenecks and the design adjustments that would allow these savings to be extended by afurther £1 million/year.

The analysis process

The methods have been developed as part of the $2Million European MACRO project, sponsored by the DTI and a group of multi-industry Blue Chip...
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