El negocio del futuro

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Setting up a business nowadays involves a high risk. You have to take into account a wide range of aspects such as the law, the wealth of thecountry, the technology you need…and you must weight up the expenses and the income you will get by launching a new product, as well as the pros and cons of being your own boss.
Oneof the businesses on top of the market now are the nursing homes. Our society is becoming older and older and we tend to work longer hours, so there are very few people who havethe capacity of taking care of their parents themselves.
On the bright side of this project, we can see that there is a huge demand waiting for it. All the nursing homes inthe Basque Country are full, and with long lists plenty of people waiting for a place vacant.
However, every plus has a minus and there is an entire legislation settingrestrictions to this kind of residence besides the great investment required. The latter, in fact, is the most important obstacle in the creation of this spaces, as its not easy to havethe cash to buy or build a whole building, nor it is getting a loan to finance the project in the time being.
The point to reach success in a project like this is to strike abalance between accommodation and prices, even if nowadays with the shortage of spaces of this kind price may not be a problem. Some activities could be worth to attract morepeople and the environment where it is placed a plus.
Anyway, from my point of view in the near future these establishments will be necessary and changes in the legislation willhave to be made. For us to see light at the end of the tunnel to invest in these institutions, and in the hope of getting grants which would lighten our budgetary restrictions
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