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Long time ago There was a King… Arthur, King of Camelot and British High King. His story started in Middle Age, the most secret and dark period in Britain. Arthur’s story had been related so many times and had suffered so many transforms that today it’s impossible to know what is true and what is part of the myth…
But to answer if Arthur was real or not, it’s not the objective of this story…his nobility isn’t in verifiable events, the real nobility is in the enormous significance founded over the years and the great inspiration that he represents
Arthurian tradition supposed an own national identity and act as a link between Celtic Kingdoms
This is the story of a hero… a man who transforms the Britain’s Heart… a man who became a legend, the most beautiful and mysterious legend inBritish’s History… This is the story of Arthur… the legendary King Arthur
I know a tale... about castles, knighthood, kingdom, princess, faith, God and goddess, The real world and the magic Isle of Druids and Wizards... the magic world of Avalon... and his Lady... the real power behind British’s design

Religious context
What is the British faith today? That is a very easy question...Christianity. Catholic or Anglicanism isn’t important...They believe in God... the Only One. In Arthur’s period wasn’t it so easy... Arthur suffers the war against Saxons, Vikings but the biggest war... against the old creed... and the new creed...
In the past people believed in the goddess, the mother of the Earth, water, wind, love and everything... they had a lot of festivities as Beltane or Samhain.They celebrated fertility and magic by “abominable customs” in the eyes of the new creed.
There is a theory about Merlin (Taliesin) and The Lady of Avalon planned the succession of the British throne and preserves the old creed, if they manage the succession probably the old creed and Avalon survive...
Christianity had to adapt his dogma to British tradition... Despite of that... By the yearsChristianity won... and all Isles were converted...
The old creed disappeared and Avalon left the real world to survive in the mist... until the end of time1

1 “The Mist of Avalon” Marion Zimmer Bradley
Arthur’s Story
It supposed that Arthur was the son of the High King Uther Pendragon (Ambrosius’ successor) and Ygrane a beautiful woman, who was Tintagel’s duchess...
Arthur was educated insecret by a Nobel man called Hector and after that he was educated by Merlin Himself, Avalon’s Great Master...
One day he was in the court with his father and brother, after Uther’s death... and they were attacked by investors... Arthur took a sword and defeated some of them... Arthur didn’t know that this sword was the magic sword Excalibur and this act were the great test to crown the newking...
He was took to Avalon and crowned as high King of all Britain... He received a magical scabbard and Excalibur and by this way he conquest the heart of his people and the fear of his enemies...
Arthur became in a gallant king “sans peur et sans reproche”2
Well... what about this? Arthur was just a child when he became a King... but he had a lot of brave knights... Lancelot, Percival,Gareth, Gauguin, Gwydion, Galahad, Cay... I don’t understand where is the epic story...?
Well, the story continues...
Arthur founded his court in Camelot
When Arthur was twenty he married with an unbelievable beautiful woman... Guinevere, Welsh King’s daughter... his father presents a huge table and a lot of warriors as dowry...
This table is the real importance... a huge round table... to become torepresent the union between Arthur’s knights... the round table until today represent unification, knighthood, friendship and comradeship.
This group of knights conquest and dominated all the British land, all the kingdoms and fall in love of adventures and challenges
One day, in Pentecost were together around the Round Table and there was a vision... a magical vision... they saw a woman with...
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