El tema de la frontera entre los estados unidos y mexico

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  • Publicado : 18 de octubre de 2010
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Kal published this cartoon this week in the economist. Kal is a famous cartoonist, his real name is kevin kallaugher, he drew caricatures at the economist since 1978. This cartoon with the réactionof china after the nobel peace prize has rewarded one of its dissident liu xiabro.

Indeed, liu xiaboro has been put behind bars IN 2009 FOR 11 years after he created the charte 08 . the charte 08was a manifesto for political reform signed by 300 Chinese intellectuals and which required more democracy and civil rights for individuals. The communist party accused him of « inciting sedition ».liu xiaobo was also present at the student protest movement at the Tiananmen place in 1989. We have to know that china wanted a nobel prize for a long time and the first Chinese to win it was thedalai lama and this year it’s a dissident in prison. China has reacted with anger to the announcement of this piece of news.

The cartoonist chooses the dragon to represent china because thedragon represents the chinese civilisation and its olds dynasty of emperors. The dragon can also represent the success and the perseverance which may be linked with china. Indeed, china has made anincredible progress in terms of economic development.

On the first picture, the dragon is spitting fire, he is alone and seems very dangerous. This picture reminds us the old Chinese dynasties, whichwere focused on her kingdom.

On the second picture, he dragon talks to himself : he realizes that his defensive attitude does not allowed her to be listened on the international scene. What isdepicted here is the changes of strategy of china on the diplomatic plan this last 10 years.

On the third picture, he seems to realize that his solder strategy is dated. Then, the dragon evokesthe fact that china is the second superpower and can express its views on the international scenes. So the dragon changes his behaviour: he is more civilised and opened on the world problems. : he...
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