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Classic PABX (CL - 416) Ver. 7.0 QUICK REFERENCE CARD


91 92 93 94 0 1 7 8 85 6 3 4 5

To Access 1st External Telephone Line [CO 1]. To Access 2nd External Telephone Line [CO 2]. To Access 3 rd External Telephone Line [CO 3]. To Access 4 th External Telephone Line [CO 4]. To Access 1st Available External Telephone [CO Line]. To PICKUP External (CO Line) Incoming CALL from a Phonewhich is not ringing. To PICKUP Internal CALL from a Phone which is not ringing. To Connect DOOR PHONE. To Open Electric DOOR LOCK, Dial [ 5 ] right after dialing [ 8 ] for Door Phone When called Extension / Trunk Line is busy Dial [ 6 ] and Hangup Phone.

Call Disconnect

When Called Extension is busy Dial [ 3 ] to Disconnect the Trunk Call. When Called Extension is Busy Dial [ 4 ] to connectwith communicating Ext While TK go on Hold. When called Extension is busy Dial [ 5 ] to connect with communicating.

Executive Break-in

Executive Override

Call Diversion

To Divert / Forward Calls to other Extension, Dial [ *1EE ], and Hangup Phone To HOLD External Telephone CALL (Both Incoming and Outgoing) Press FLASH Button or Push HOOK SWITCH. First HOLD the Call from FLASHbutton or HOOK switch then dial the desired Number 1.e 21,22,23.... etc. HOLD the external Call, dial Extension Number and Hang UP The Handset. PRESS FLASH button twice to Connect back CO Line. PRESS HOOK switch for 2 Seconds or Hangup the Handset. Dial desired Extension Number 21, 22, 23... Hold the External Call, dial the desired Extension, Press again the Flash button or HOOK switch to ReconnectCO line with both Extension.

Call Hold
Call Transfer Rapid Transfer Call Retrieve Call Disconnect
Extensin To Extension Call Conference

Door Phone Bell Pressing Push button located at DOOR PHONE, Ext. 21 (default) Starts ringing Ringing Pick the Handset to connect.

Classic PABX (CL - 416) Ver. 7.0 TELEPHONE EXCHANGE


1. Call Duration Limit. Set timelimit (1 to 4 minutes) of out station or mobile calls. 2. Executive Break-in. Dial ‘4’ to get connected with busy extension. 3. Camp-on Extension. In Case of busy Extension Dial ‘6’ and Hangup phone.


11. Trunk Transfer. The external line can be transferred to any extension. 12. Caller ID. CLI will appear at any Ringing Extension that is defined. 13. Mobile/ISD/STD Call Block. Allow /Disallow Dial ‘0’ for outgoing calls. 14. Simultaneous Ring. Incoming call ring on several extensions simultaneously.



4. Call Diversion. If any subscriber required to transfer its Ext. calls to other Ext, Dial *1EE and hangup phone. 5. Camp-on Trunk. If TK access is allowed to an Ext. and it gets busy status, then Dial ‘6’ and hangup phone.


15. Music Self Check. Self checkMusic-on-hold any time.


6. Executive Override. When called Extension is busy Dial ‘5’ to to connect withcommunicating Ext.

16. Operator Buzzer. Distinctive Indication of incoming call to operator 17. Internal Communication. All Extension can communicate with each another.


7. Call Disconnect. Two Extension i.e Executive and Special have the facility to disconnect any Ext. fromTrunk line. 8. Complete Privacy. No Third party can hear the conversion of any two parts. 9. Trunk Hold. The external line can be put on hold and retrieved.

18. Trunk Blocking. External lines accesss can be blocked for any extension. 19. Pulse / Tone dialing. The exchange can work with pulse as well as tone telephone sets. 20. Music on hold. A melody is sent on the external line when on hold.10. Trunk Access. Co-line can assess selectively or any free available.

Classic PABX (CL - 416) Ver. 7.0 TELEPHONE EXCHANGE

21. Door phone. A Classic door phone can be connected to operate through the system. 22. Door lock. An electric door lock can be connected to operate through the system. 23. Trunk diversion on power failure, The external lines are connected...
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