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  • Publicado : 14 de septiembre de 2012
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Worms Armageddon v3.6.29.0 Update
Copyright (C) 1997-2008 Team17 Software Ltd

28th July 2008


1.0 Important Licence Information
2.0 Supplementary Beta Documentation
3.0 Version History
v3.5 Beta 1 Update 2002.08.09
v3.5 Beta 2 Update 2002.08.15
v3.6.19.7 Beta Update 2004.02.09
v3.6.19.11 Beta Update 2004.02.10
v3.6.19.12 Beta Update 2004.02.11
v3.6.19.14 BetaUpdate 2004.02.12
v3.6.19.15 Beta Update 2004.02.20
v3.6.19.17 Beta Update 2004.03.11
v3.6.19.17a Beta Update 2004.03.12
v3.6.19.18 Beta Update 2004.03.19
v3.6.19.19 Beta Update 2004.03.21
v3.6.20.1 Beta Update 2004.07.13
v3.6.20.2 Beta Update 2004.08.03
v3.6.20.3 Beta Update 2004.08.06
v3.6.21.1 Beta Update 2004.09.23
v3.6.21.2 Beta Update 2004.09.27
v3.6.21.3 Beta Update2004.09.28
v3.6.22.1 Beta Update 2004.10.06
v3.6.23.0 Beta Update 2005.03.23
v3.6.23.1 Beta Update 2005.03.23
v3.6.23.2 Beta Update 2005.03.24
v3.6.24.1 Beta Update 2005.03.29
v3.6.24.2 Beta Update 2005.03.31
v3.6.25.1a Beta Update 2005.04.26
v3.6.26.4 Beta Update 2005.11.22
v3.6.26.5 Beta Update 2006.01.05
v3.6.28.0 Beta Update 2007.06.29
v3.6.29.0 Beta Update 2008.07.28
5.0 Known Issues
6.0 Footnotes
7.0 Credits
8.0 Bug Reporting To Team17

1.0 Important Licence Information

Thank you for participating in this External Beta Test for Worms Armageddon PC. All your comments are gratefully received and we will endeavour to address all of your reported problem points where possible for the intended Update Final Release. We would also like toextend our gratitude to the countless users providing requests and points for inclusion, without which much of the improved content could not have been made possible.

*Please note that we can only receive / provide beta support via English language only.

If you do happen to encounter any bugs during play, please read the 8.0 Bug Reporting section later in this document for how to produce andreport any findings directly to the Team17 Development Team.

*IMPORTANT: You should very carefully read and agree to the following External Beta Test Licence Agreement prior to installing this software update.

If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of the licence then please do not install the software. It is also highly recommended to view this entire document in order to fullyunderstand the software content, specific game additions and implications of accepting subsequent installation and use.

External Beta Test Licence Agreement
This software update and accompanying documentation are a copyright of Team17 Software Ltd. This release is provided to end users specifically for evaluation and testing purposes only within the conditions of the licence agreement. Any forms ofuse outside the terms of the licence agreement are expressly prohibited. On acceptance to proceed with the installation of this software you agree to be fully bound by the terms and conditions of this licence agreement and the acknowledgements comprised herein.

Licence Acknowledgements
It is your understanding that this particular software update is BETA, and is therefore as such a work inprogress and may possibly contain problems that could be resultant in a loss of data. Team17 Software Ltd cannot be held responsible for damage sustained to operating system and / or game setups through installation and use of this update program in its current form.

Feedback information should be provided by you, the end user, where possible relating to problematic instances that may occurduring use of this software update. This supply of information should be generated and forwarded for the attention of Team17 Software Ltd via the contact method as outlined within this documentation.

The software content comprised within this update is a property of Team17 Software Ltd and should therefore not be reverse engineered, disassembled, de-compiled or altered in any way from its...