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  • Publicado : 7 de noviembre de 2011
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Dear Adam,
Thank you for your e-mail, I´m really happy about your latest news. I hope this summer we can enjoy it a lot.
First of all, I´ve gottaadmit that I´ve never done skateboarding. When I was seven, I had a crash with my tricycle.Yeah, I know it doesn´t make sense but my mum doesn´t let me to doroller-skating, cycling or skateboarding since that moment. I hope now that I´ve grown she´d let me. Apart of skateboarding, what other sports do you likedoing? I really enjoy playing basketball and football but I don´t like watching matches, I think they´re boring. Although, I love watching tv. My favoritechannels are MTV and KISS TV. I really enjoy watching new video clips from my favorite singers and bands as Kaiser Chiefs. I remember you told me you really enjoylistening to them. Don´t you? Other groups that I like listening to are Metallica or Sun 41, Have you ever listened ‘Without you’? It´s a song written by bothgroups, Metallica and Sun 41 together, could you imagine it? I´ve watched the video clip on my computer and it´s amazing. By the way, I´m a computer nerd. Ireally enjoy playing computer games or watching different shows on the computer. Do you like computers?
I think we won´t have much time to do different thingsbecause of my language school, I´m really busy all of the week because of the exams. However, I hope on weekends we could have a great time together. Do youknow what we could do on Saturday? I hope you don´t mind going to visit the famous England´s castle.
Write me as soon as you can.
Best wishes,
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