Emily dickinson

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Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson was born December 10, 1830 in Massachusetts. Since Emily was a young child, she was an intelligent student. She studied in Amherst academyand mount Holyoke Female Seminary. In there she studied English literature, but she had ill health and her father took her back home. Emily Dickinson also had an appreciation of music andart. She was a really shy woman, so she reduced her social contacts by going less into society. She wrote many letters to express her feelings for others. She wrote about 1,700 poems, many ofher poems were refer to an invisible lover. She died when she was 55 years old of kidney degeneration. The doctor said that the accumulation of stress throughout her life contributed to thedisease. After her death her sister Vinnie was supposed to burn her letters. While she was doing so she saw the poems of Emily. She didn’t burn the letters and gave them to a family friend,Mabel Todd. She typed the poems and got enthusiastic with the poems. She published the first edition of Emily’s poem in 1893. Emily Dickinson became one of the greatest poets in America andis remembered for her unique poetry. Although she lived a secluded life she wrote many interesting poems.
Poem: “The Brain Within Its Groove”
The brain within its groove
Runs evenly andtrue;
But let a splinter swerve,
'T were easier for you
To put the water back
When floods have slit the hills,
And scooped a turnpike for themselves,
And blotted out the mills!Explanation:
When you try something in life and it goes wrong, you decide to give up. You decide to start something new and forget about what happen. Is like when you depend on someonebecause you don’t want to fail. In the process someone can get hurt by doing your job and theirs.

- Do you think is fair that her sister published all the poems and letters? Why?
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