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Empowerment y Paticipación
Today companies not only work and achieve success for the work of managers, the employee participation is a principal key to a company to develop and have the two mostimportant aspects which should have a company: quantity and quality. While the two parts of the company are happy (managers and employees) and feel valued the result is even better.

a) What isempowerment?
Is a process in which the employees have the opportunity to involucrate more in the process knowing important information about the company or processes and giving them control in the factorsthat influence in their job performance.
This process has 5 approaches:
• That the employees obtain the domain of their work.
• Allow more control
• Successful role models
• Use of socialreinforcement and persuasion
• Emotional support
b) What are the benefits of employee participation?
The employees involved in issues and decisions for effective teamwork. The employees begin to feelcompetent and valued, although they give these importance to the employees, the administrator didn´t abandon their administrative responsibilities.
But in companies the benefits of the employeeparticipation is:
*Increases production and better quality
*Employees often make suggestions to improve quality and quantity
*Increase motivation
*More information about the finances and operations of thecompany, information that allows employees to make suggestions for better quality.
c) Provide a brief description of the most popular participation programs
*Management advisory: Managers ask theiremployees to reflect on certain topics, share expertise and contribute their own ideas before an administrative decision is taken, administrators can choose not to consult their employees.*Suggestion program: It encourages employees to recommend improvements in work, limited number of employees participate by offering suggestions.
*Emphasis on quality: Organize in committees small groups of...
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