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Complete the next sentences using possessive adjectives and pronouns, personal pronouns and object pronouns and the correct form of the verb “to be”.

1.- I own this book.This book __________This ___ _______ bookIt belongs to _____ | 3.- You own these markers_________ markers are _________These ________ _________ markersThey belong to _______________ | 5.- Mike owns those computersThosecomputers are _________They _____________ to himThose _____ ______ computers |

2.- They own that glassThat glass _________ to _______That _______ __________ glassThat glass is __________ | 4.- She hastwo pencilsThese two pencils _________ to her________ two pencils are these________ two pencils ______ _______ | 6.- We own those booksThose are _______ booksThose books are _______Those books belongto _______ |
Use the correct possessive form of the word in italic
1.- I this book is ________,2.- She that book is _________.3.- I _______ car is red,4.- Pedro _______ is new and blue.5.-Jim _______ apartment is on Pine Street | 6.- they _______ shoes are almost new7.- Mary and Jane this clothes are __________8.- Ann and I ________ money is lost9.- you it looks like ________watch10.- Ann and I the lost money is _________ |

Complete the next dialog.

Case #1
A: when do ________ classes begin?

B: September 2nd. How about __________? When do_____________ begin?
(they) (you)

A: __________ begin August 29th.

Case #2
A: María, __________ spaghetti sauce is delicious!!

B: Thank you but is notas good as ____________

A: oh no. ____________ is a lot better, just as good as the real Italian sauce.

B: Do you like Anna’s spaghetti sauce? I think___________ is too salty.

A: Maybe. _________ husband makes good spaghetti sauce too.

B: Well making spaghetti sauce is always fun to do, but everyone´s is a...
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